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Консалтинговая компания SV Development – оценка недвижимости, консалтинг, разработка концепции, оценка квартир, оценка земли, агентство недвижимости
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Our projects

Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 499
Area of lot land: 119 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1511
Area of lot land: 234 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1979
Area of lot land: 300 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 596
Area of lot land: 80 Ha

Land lots' assessment

Main purpose of this service is land lot assessment, its market attractiveness and maximal efficiency of utilization from the point of physical possibilities and financial expediency.

Land is not renewable resource, and needs a care of all the market participants.

In the process of work, the specialists of SV Development will determine a market value of land, and submit several variants of cottage town development (preliminary concept development) to Customer's review.

If a plot's characteristics do not match the required parameters of cottage settlement development, we present the maximum effective combinations of other real estate types (warehouse complexes, mixed-use complexes, etc.).

I.e., the further direction of work with an object providing investments effectiveness and risk minimization are determined at this stage. 

This analysis includes

  • Legal counseling (documents' expertise);
  • Real estate market analysis;
  • Land estimation (concerned plot);
  • Plot's characteristics analysis;
  • Competition level analysis;
  • Determination of the most possible niches for the project;
  • Recommendations at to development strategy selection;
  • Concept development (basic variants);
  • Financial expedience analysis;
  • Business plan elaboration (feasibility study);
  • Investment projects estimation and its attractiveness for the investors.

Possible variant of land lot development is chosen based on market researches and all its segments understanding.

As far as the existing limitations may reduce substantially a selection of the most effective variants of the concept, we assist in future risk avoiding.

At limitations presence as to land lot, our task will be to propose the simplest and financially reasonable means of its overcoming.