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Консалтинговая компания SV Development – оценка недвижимости, консалтинг, разработка концепции, оценка квартир, оценка земли, агентство недвижимости
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Houses and land sale

The company SV Development offers a wide spectrum of services on realization and transactions support of any complexity at the market of land and suburban housing of Kyiv's Region.

Our experts will provide the buyers with a right choice of the object, competent legal support of transaction, collect and prepare all necessary documents, and perform the state registration of ownership rights transfer to land lots and houses.

Our services for the buyers

  • Selection of variants on the buyers' request;
  • Information giving on proposed variants;
  • Organization and an object's demonstration holding;
  • Transaction's legal support;
  • Guarantees granting as to legal transaction clearness.

We guarantee minimal prices, clearness of all title deeds, transactions safety and data confidentiality about the client.

Nor less important direction of our company activity is individual work with the sellers, which conclude the service agreement with SV Development anticipating the transactions with real estate holding.

Working in complete conformity with the European standards of realtor business conduction, we aspire always to establishment of close and confidential relations with our clients. Therefore, having signed the appropriate agreement with our company, you can be sure that the best service quality at the market and the fullest scope of services as regard to your object will be granted to you. 

Our employees are the qualified and competent experts with excellent recommendations and long working experience at the land and suburban real estate market.

Our services for the sellers

  • Expert's visit to an object;
  • Professional consultations;
  • Market assessment of real estate object;
  • Legal expertise of real estate object;
  • Organization and an object's demonstration holding;
  • Holding and transactions' support of any complexity;
  • Negotiating in the interests and on behalf of the seller;
  • Collection and documents preparation for transaction carrying out.

ATTENTION: We invite the proprietors of cottage towns to conclude the Sales Management Agreement of your object, which will ensure you the new clients' inflow.

Within the frames of the concluded agreement, the company SV Development is ready to give its proposals regarding a concept of your object promotion at the market, and also to assure preparation and advertising-information campaign holding, and as to Sales Department organization.

Our projects

Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 499
Area of lot land: 119 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1511
Area of lot land: 234 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1979
Area of lot land: 300 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 596
Area of lot land: 80 Ha