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Business plan development for cottage town

Technical task for business plan development

Detailed business plan is usually required for presentation of structural description of the project and it indices evaluation to management body of the company or external investors. Besides, this document will be very useful to people who directly involved into project’s realization.

Business plan developed by SV Development’s experts is a text document in MS Word format in volume up to 100 pages and consists of the following parts:


  1. Memorandum of confidentiality
  2. Project resume
  3. General characteristic of the company – initiator of the project


  1. Construction site evaluation
  2. Analysis of suburban real estate market
  3. Project’s description


  1. Program of construction and cottages realization
  2. Number of working people, and payroll expenses
  3. Costs for construction organization and cottages sale
  4. Marketing plan and strategy


  1. Basic assumptions and standards for financial and economic calculations
  2. Expenditures estimate of the project
  3. Construction sequence
  4. Investments development schedule
  5. Sources, volumes and financing terms
  6. Sales plan
  7. Maximization ways for project’s profitable component
  8. Forecasted reports on cash flow movement


  1. Net present value (NPV)
  2. Internal return rate (IRR)
  3. Return on equity (ROE)
  4. Investments payback period (PP)
  5. Discounted payback period of investments (DPP)
  6. Debt cover rate (DCR)
  7. Break-even point of the project (BEP)
  8. Return period of borrowed assets (RP)
  9. Quantitative risks analysis
  10. Qualitative risks analysis
  11. Quality certificate of business plan
  12. List of used sources
  13. Appendix

The foregoing structure of business plan can be slightly varied depending on the project’s peculiarities. Financial model  is given to you in the form of appendix to the text document (see above).

Our projects

Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 499
Area of lot land: 119 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1511
Area of lot land: 234 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1979
Area of lot land: 300 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 596
Area of lot land: 80 Ha