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Concept elaboration for cottage town

Technical task for project concept development

Before beginning the construction of cottage town, it is necessary to develop a general concept of the project, which will allow avoiding numerous mistakes.

Marketing research includes into the base of the developed concept that enables to evaluate the market potential and the project efficiency.

Present time, only a few companies are capable to carry out qualitative analysis and to develop the standing construction concept in respect of the described segment of residential real estate.

SV Developments advantage before other consulting companies is particular specialization that allows concentrating all efforts of our team in market study, and guarantees the maximal possible qualitative result and economic efficiency of the future investment project.

During work execution in respect to the construction concept, SV Developments experts will study in details and offer optimal solutions on the following questions:


  1. Supply structure at the cottage towns construction market
  2. Supply analysis at the cottage towns construction market
  3. Supply analysis at the market of single located cottages
  4. Demand structure at the cottage construction market


  1. Site location analysis
  2. Target consumers groups
  3. Town positioning
  4. Definition of projects competitive advantage
  5. Pricing
  6. SWOT analysis of the project, and the concepts strong and weak sides
  7. Perspective development plan


  1. Quantity, metric areas of houses and plots area
  2. Design and planning decisions
  3. Definition of optimal towns design
  4. Recommendations on architectural design development
  5. Infrastructure, improvement, and security provision
  6. Objects of social culture and recreation purpose
  7. Planning of territory improvement by volumes and terms
  8. Variants of security level provision of common territory and house sharing


  1. Sales strategy
  2. Sales program
  3. Communications strategy
  4. Advertising policy and PR-activities program
  5. Sales stimulation methods


  1. Basic assumptions and standards for financial - economic calculations
  2. Estimate of incomes and expenditures for the project according to the basic components
  3. Project development sequence
  4. Investments development schedule
  5. Sources, volumes and terms of financing
  6. Sales plan
  7. Forecasted reports on cash flow movements
  8. Profits and losses forecast under the project
  9. Projects balance


  1. Analysis of projects economic efficiency
  2. Analysis of projects risks, planned measures for it prevention and elimination
  3. Sensitivity analysis of the projects financial result
  4. General conclusions

Our projects

Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 499
Area of lot land: 119 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1511
Area of lot land: 234 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1979
Area of lot land: 300 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 596
Area of lot land: 80 Ha