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Консалтинговая компания SV Development – оценка недвижимости, консалтинг, разработка концепции, оценка квартир, оценка земли, агентство недвижимости
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Construction management

Construction Managers in the company SV Development are the professionals possessing methods of construction work carrying out and quality control based on foreign standards and capable to apply this knowledge in the Ukrainian market conditions with consideration of local peculiarities of civil work performance.

SV Development's services related to construction management include:

  • Control over cost and price marketing;
  • Construction budget drawing up;
  • An estimate making up;
  • Control over designing/construction contracts execution;
  • Tenders holding;
  • Design documentation rationalization, if necessary;
  • Customer's functions performance;
  • Quality control and quality standards maintenance;
  • Control over construction contracts execution;
  • Disagreements resolution;
  • Finishing work coordination;
  • Drawing up of certificates of the latent jobs, acceptance certificates;
  • Percentage estimation of Work Completion Certificates;
  • Control over endorsements receiving;
  • Control and check of conformity with CSRs;
  • Services on project management until its commissioning "on turnkey".

Our projects

Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 499
Area of lot land: 119 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1511
Area of lot land: 234 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 1979
Area of lot land: 300 Ha
Region: Kyiv region
Amount of houses: 596
Area of lot land: 80 Ha